Future Unfurled – World Part 2

I’m crying about a dog that waits for the dead

It’s something on facebook I just read

I’m shocked by unkempt coat he bears

But the food bank grows while I browse there

I’m saying we should look after our own

Whilst voting that my tax should go on down

I’m crying over dogs and abandoned kitties

But don’t care for the homeless in this hard city

I’m calling out scroungers whilst cash in hand

I work a short day in this rich land

I’m calling out people who work with compassion

Whilst ‘you lost get over it’ is my new fashion

I’m writing a letter to my MP

Waving it frantically for all to see

I’m shiny and proud of my generous hamper

To foodbank I go, Christmas joy camper

My list that I tick off my festive duties

Good work, examples for my children’s future

At this special season we must share

But not all year round – don’t you dare

My favourite mantra look after our own

Charity you see, begins at home

364 days they are drunks and addicts

1 day my halo is bright and lit

With the self satisfied feeling I do my duty

Unwrap my self service sipping my green tea

Settle in to a comfortable tv debate

Repeat you lost get over it, it is too late

And the bastions of health and safety

A yellow high vis heralds revolutionary

Police drop their helmets to join in the anthem

We pathetic look on as our country dismantled

Like the austere aunt in a black jet gown

We fulfill their rule in our soul less town

Cover up the table legs they spark our passion

Whilst flagellate mercy, justice, compassion

We are all lost, we are all lost, in glitter and jungle

We are destroying hope, wait for what song will

Finally sound the note to wake us

To rebuild what thus greed takes from us

It’s not the bricks, the things you buy

But within us what we can try

To make each of us as one another

Start to see the future on here

That schism is as was foretold

But who said we have to listen to the old

The point of these texts is to goad a new horizon

Where we contemplate gentle goodness and take in

A chance to reset this despicable spin

Of the world that loves its vicious sin

As some kind of hair shirt

It measured itself

When easier to just breathe into its health

Why fight for the right when it is ours already

Confidence breeds its new reality

And we can be the architects too

I in me and me in you

I feel sad for those who logic reveals

Cannot feel the rhythm that informs and heals

There is truth in our molecular make up

That articulates nothing you can write on paper

You know it is there your heart is truthful

For those who fear need find a way through

This tiresome world cries to us to save it

We have one chance, now lets take it.

Dismantle structure set to bind

Let kindness flow out where there is kind

Give love the strength that rage did bear

And silence where the ignorant roared

So quiet truth has its day

And the voiceless finally have their say

That resets how we shape our world

The second part of future unfurled


Humanity Lands

This was the poem that became Humanity Lands – the title track of Phoenix Chroi’s second album

I’ve done my penance

Walked on my knees

Fixed on a star

Through the wood and the trees

And as I traversed this scorched earth

I never regretted that I gave birth

I trod the fine line

Between celebration and solace

Saw the selfie explode in its own menace)

I wiped a tear that stole its own path

Slapped my own face to wake my own heart

This blighted star hangs so futile

Amidst terror cruel law all the while

Waits Blinking a beacon of hope

And we have to wait too enlighten folk

But wait for what and wait for who

Hope springs in the heart of you

It’s you who fixes you who builds

You who paints and you who guilds

You can make believe and propagate lies

Or feel the truth see with own eyes

There’s absolutely only one truth

To make a better place starts with you

Pull out your heart and hold it up high

Use its rhythm to move the star from dangerous sky

Spin your tales rewrite the law

Show your children what it is all for

Stand stand stand

The ground is yours now

Take no more milk from their sacred cow

Open your mouth drink in the rain

From high from sky from heaven again

Shout in the face of the despot who dares

Belittle your truth stamp on your cares

Throw off your shackles

There’s no prisoners here

Just the jail made from lies divisions and fear

There’s no ballot box that controls your heart

Take back compassion

March on from the start

The Giants who stood who knew what to do

Had hope in their hearts and holes in their shoes

The once insignificant voiceless few

Felt rage in those hearts but knew what to do

Because rage can be love Set on fire

And rage can be care whose purpose is higher

Take back your lives and hold out your hands

Your people need you

when hope flies

Humanity lands

copyright EMcGinty 2015



as my hands

poised over the keys

I asked myself

If I still believe

If I write a story

When so uncertain

Would regret be result

Of pulled back curtain

The WiFi unstable

The resolve shaken

Even committing the words

And feelings forsaken

Never a guarantee

Aught would be read

The chamber of laying

Became chamber of dread

And so as always

I curl my fingers in

Too shy to write the extent of his sin

And so

I sit, contemplate madness

For that is what happens

When you crush your sadness

I try to prevail

Find strength and rally

But dark is the road

And narrow the alley

Bright sharp

pinprick of light

And pen, mighty sword

Will take up your fight


She sleeps silently while the wind rushes

fast and silent across the sea

She sleeps on, eyelash on cheek,

I don’t think she dreams of me

I gave her a kiss and left her there

Never to see her again

But when I left only I said goodbye

silently she slept on

There wasn’t a fight or parting of ways

or sneaking out in the night or break of the day

There were many tears though I left her

to run

away from the fact she’d already gone,

And she sleeps silently despite all she gave

all while I weep mightily

by her grave

At Peace

When will we be 

At peace

With ourselves

With the layers in our bodies 

that repel

Against each other

The cancers that eat and the 

Inflammation that takes hold

Or the sadness that debilitates us

And all of those things 

We carry unending war in our DNA

The gene for this 

The gene for that

Like battle campaigns 

We walk the earth

Minds screaming to ourselves to cope

Our cries 

Sirens of warning

Our depths


Of aftermath

And we grieve

For ourselves and others

Ones we make 


who we make miserable

Whether we knew them or not

And so

The world follows suit

And we are at war

Inside and out


You think you’re chosen, because you are
You think its hard, because it is
You think you see the horizon, you do
You see, you know, because it’s true

How those doubts they throw at you
don’t have to stay and grow with you
How their faith so lacked and worn
doesn’t stop your purpose born

And, at the moment the only action
Is don’t give in to their reaction
Just stand firm, and hold your faith
Fire burns stronger in solid grate

Eyes, will focus from a steady gaze
informed by love and wasted days
on dreams conceived in their night
where souls will rise and take their flight

What heart knows, will come to pass
and those who doubt will see at last
that what was given can’t be squandered
by waiting while they still wondered

and waiting for approval from
the swine who trample silk anon
and making wait divine choice
in favour of their carping noise
will wait no more from famine foil
and last beyond your mortal coil.
Take my sword, cut ties that choke
throw off that heavy, man made, yoke
Your time to act is here, and now
take heart and hand to steady plough
Give yourself, immersed to task
for which you were born, and which we ask
you embrace with pure delight
we’ll see you dance in purest light
we’ll see you laugh again with glee
and see your soul soaring free
and matched again with your true mate
where last you left at heaven’s gate
Our message we want passed along
is each match their soul to their own song
only authenticity,

opens love of high degree

Only truth, real truth, faith
makes the path to divine gate
Its open now for all to see
that choose to look, no search they need
Its all there and they that close
will hold their heart in cheap repose
when joy is at their fingertips
and words of love spill from their lips
We wait no more and come ye will
We’ll give our love our strength until
your purpose found you do fulfil
because fired by gods, you are, still

I Don’t Need

Apparently, seeing pictures of celebrities
has a harmful effect on me
it’s their beauty you see, and skin
I thought injustice more heinous a sin

I should dismay at high beauty standards?
and not erosions of rights for granted
an article about make up used the word condemned
no mention persecution of a global friend

Women,  we in a double bind
speak the truth speak as we find
ignore the fecking daily mail
whose fascist past will never pale

Fashion takes a stronger hold
than the brave and the good, noble and old
Striving away with no grants
while catwalk spits out food bank gaunt

Measure my brain and activity bared
you show me pictures of bikinis there
that I can’t compete, though I didn’t care
mosquito nets save lives I’d rather share

A rule, they say, that you break at your peril
then glittering eyes indicate feral
my bile that spits on your shallow wiles
burns the truth that your rag defiles

I’ve discarded all the golden rules
I don’t have to spray tan there’s shit to do
I know no pain no gain is the mantra
Pay your tax so we can all catch up

I don’t need to read it’s OK or Hello
to find out the facts that I need to know
I don’t need to see inside a house
that could fit 20 families who go without

I need you to count your money in heartbeats
I need you to look at the sleeping streets
I need you to see the spark in the eyes
of the child needing medicine not wanting to die

I need you to see the pain in the man
who found out the care home were mistreating his nan
I need you to see the woman who made
a sacrifice of sanity because of no legal aid

When you wipe that facade of make up and skin
let your sobs out and other people in
you might find real people are more,
than HELLO?, not OK about another bloody war

TAKE A BREAK why don’t you