Fiery Bird Show with Claudia Stark & David Acton – Woman in Black

Photo credit Tom O’Donoghue: Tomodo

Claudia Stark visited the Fiery Bird Show bringing her guitar and all her plans and news. Claudia is a Guildford based songwriter who has developed her performance from solo to a whole band sound. I also had the opportunity to play the interview with David Acton who is starring in The Woman In Black currently on tour and coming to Woking from 11th April 2017. You can catch up on the show here

The first time I met Claudia was at one of our feature nights, the open mic section was just finishing and this tiny little girleen came in with her guitar on her back, told all about us by one of the masters of the local scene – Vic Cracknell she came to see if we had space for an open mic slot so we all budged up and squeezed a 15mins free and it was the start of what was for us, a very lucky and pleasurable occurrence. As she strummed her first chord and her clear voice rang out, the pub went silent and remained so for all she had to sing…. and so it has been ever since. As you will hear from the interview she writes of those times and issues that mean so much to her. Claudia is one of the next generation of amazing songwriters that we are so lucky to come across in our work in grassroots music and the reason we keep going, the reason for local gigs, local radio and local support. She is launching her new single on April 22 at The Boileroom in Guildford – so see her now while you still can locally.

Also check out local music nights you can catch some great talent at nights run by Vic Cracknell, Gavin Thomas, Blue Trouser Records and many others, not only do they encourage great musicians but are a fertile creative bed for so many others too – photographers, writers, poets and a learning base for more promoters to come forward and develop.  It is also what our own Phoenix Cultural Centre/Fiery Bird project is about too.

                                                                                     DAVID ACTON – THE WOMAN IN BLACK

During the show I also had the opportunity to play the interview I recorded (here’s one I made earlier) with David Acton who plays Arthur Kipps, the main protagonist in The Woman in Black which comes to Woking’s New Victoria Theatre from Tues 11 April. David, who has worked extensively in theatre and TV explained how the approach taken in the staging of Susan Hill’s famous story as a play enhances the suspension that the novel is renowned for as a torch bearer and tribute to the Victorian gothic ghost story tradition. Having seen the play twice and going for a third time on the opening night, I can vouch for the impact it has, sometimes wondering if I should reinforce the ol’ pantaloons as sensible preparation for the night out. It was a lovely chat with David, an interesting fellow who gave lovely insights into the play, the tour and the story that underpins it. You can probably still get tickets try it here, if you go on Tues I’ll be the one bricking it. I did offer to get all my friends to go along all of us dressed in black like a miserable version of the Rocky Horror show as a cult support but a) it would look like we were the female branch of a Johnny Cash convention turned up on the wrong day or b) Mediterranean widows or c) possibly quite threatening and not supportive at all so that idea got kicked to the kerb.

Lucky old me – one show, two great and diverse guests.

The Playlist

Spring – Argonaut 

Oh Bondage Up Yours – X Ray Spex

Man – Cardboard Carousel

This Way – Claudia Stark

Suit of Armour – Lisa VonH

Agape – Bear’s Den

Too Soon – Claudia Stark (live) in dedication to Sam

Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy – The Tams

There’s a Ghost In My House – R Dean Taylor

Spooky – The Belomors

Give Me An Answer – Claudia Stark (live)

Redemption Song – Bob Marley

Underneath The Stars – Kate Rusby


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