I went to look at the stars and saw how their tiny pin pricks in the sky, real diamonds, not cubic zirconia, real diamonds, not blood diamonds – nobody tears them from the earth or stamps on a person’s soul to put them in a ring and claim ownership of another. They reflect purity back – putting us in our place. 

At college we were told the Elizabethans thought they were crystal lights trying to break through the velvet night, pieces of heaven seen through those holes, too terrible and brilliant for us to behold so just kept beyond. Kept so we kept looking, we kept wanting to be worthy to be let in. The crystal spheres; and they danced, all the planets did to the music of the spheres, a heavenly parade.  We saw how that made us feel and makes us feel every new moon and full moon and star shower and dark cloudy night when they are denied to us. What do we think of these stars that are metal and stone and ash but to us such great icons of hope and dreams and every desire. These elusive crystals that we gaze at even when the moon abandons us as she disappears from her realm to be ready to dress, slowly by night again and do her monthly show. Do we need to know our dreams are stones and ashes already dead by the time we even realise we have them? Or, do we need ourselves to believe that is what is possible is as real as what is, that the part of ourselves that aspires and hopes is as corporeal as that which shits and cries? 

How we look at these things is how we look at each other, the silence behind the eyes that we see in another to determine, by gut feeling and instinct, the empathy we believe there, the depth, the compassion. None of these things are to be touched either – you may say that; but they are, they are touched when we hug, when we stroke and when we hold each other and that is where the stars come and shine their best and put their love in to hearts and minds. And us, and even those poor people, those poor unfortunate, burdened and cursed with being called stars on earth and the fools in all their glory who yearn for it.

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