Fiery Bird Show *Starring!!* Mick Moriarty – Undercover Festival

It has taken me til Monday to post the catch up of last Thursday’s Fiery Bird Show. A surreal week that has a panto review on one day and a  festival organiser on the other has left me with a trace of PTSD 
I welcomed Mick Moriarty to the studio with gusto, I realise now it should have been with a cattle prod and gaffer tape and only one song under our belt we had already had a row about whose show it was. Anyone who has seen Fr Ted and witnessed the hardware store owners John & Mary will get the picture. We seemed to have accidentally themed the show without any effort whatsoever. To hear this travesty of broadcasting (albeit interspersed with mighty fine songs listed, you can listen again below)

Despite our shenanigans it was to hear about not only Undercover Festival coming back in its fifth year but other promotions and gigs Mick is putting on under the Undercover banner. The festival itself has gained a reputation as the ‘friendly festival’ and by attracting headline bands some of whom are releasing new material in addition to well loved back catalogues, as well as giving a chance to previously unknown quantities provides a leg up for them that other festivals often won’t take a risk on. The audiences are supportive and the mixture of bands/volunteers/audience who all want it to be great for everyone has especially recently ensured that people are aware of the true nature of the event. Started in Woking which was it’s home for the first three years Undercover has now moved to Dreamland in Margate for 8 & 9 Sept 2017, the line up so far is on the website
1 Hersham Boys – Sham 69

2 Do I Love You – Frank Wilson

3 Get Along – Menace

4 Ca Plane Pour Moi – Plastic Bertrand

5 Safe European Home – The Clash

6 If I Should Fall From Grace With God – The Pogues

7 Never Buy The Sun – Billy Bragg (FREE DOWNLOAD) 

8 Monochrome Soul – Morgellons

9 Shake It Down – Holy Faction

10 Tom’s White Shoes – The Witchdokters

11 Do Anything You Wanna Do – Eddie & The Hot Rods

12 RIP Mr VIP – Rage DC

13 I Am The One – Kilter

14 Where’s Captain Kirk? – Spizzenergi

15 Beaches – Phoenix Chroi

16 Ghosts of Cable Street – The Men They Couldn’t Hang

17 Germ Free Adolescents – X-Ray Spex

18 We Wish You A Merry Christmas – Argonaut


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