The Fiery Bird Show Interview – Holly Wilcox, Founder-North Bend Records

Fiery Bird Show w Holly Wilcox – North Bend Records Thurs 1 December 2016
After some technical kefuffles where the desk tried to take control from the off eschewing my own choice of song whilst Mabbsy and his guest Steve giggled in the corner at my ineptness, we settled in to a right old info fest with my guest. 

This week I was joined by Holly Wilcox who talks about her band work and what led to developing North Bend Records, a project she set up to help bands take their music to the next level. This seems to reflect a growing movement towards collaboration in music and people using their organisational skills from other work along with knowledge of the scene and industry from their own music journey to help other people along. Holly brought along some songs of the band she is working with now and her own work as well as some favourite tracks she picked out. Along with some old favourites I sneaked in and some newly released stuff we had a right old chin wag. Holly also brought me some sweets a quality that can never be underestimated in a guest and were I a different person altogether might prompt a ‘guest-o-meter’ value judgement approach. She is a lovely lady and her outlook very inspirational for anyone with a passion to set up a project whatever that might be. You can listen again here….


1 House Shoes The Bar Kay’s
2 But I’m Different Now – The Jam
3 Gangsters – The Specials
4 Brass In Pocket – The Pretenders
5 Steven – The Pony Collaboration
6 Down – Greedy Hands
7 Out of Control – Liza Bec
8 Free Money – Patti Smith
9 Victory – PJ Harvey
10 King of Soho – Tim Arnold
11. Novelty Wore Off – The Pony Collaboration

12. Afterglow – The Small Faces

13. Pictures of Lily – The Who

14. Baby It’s Cold Outside – Ray Charles

15. You’re Wondering Now – The Specials


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