The Fiery Bird Show feat guest Carol Harrison & All or Nothing The Mod Musical

My first Fiery Bird Show was on 30 June and the first after 23 June and THAT vote, so you might see a theme in the songs. I was also welcoming Carol Harrison to talk about the play she wrote ‘All Or Nothing – The Mod Musical’ the interview can be heard here

From growing up in the East End taking her creative path from the same streets as the Small Faces roamed a few years before her Carol was a delight as a guest. She talked eloquently and passionately about the musical but also her formative memories of a post war, yet poetic surrounding full of hope, and the wider work, motivations and connections that spark her creative fire, whether it be writing a piece of iconic theatre, to tutoring people in adult education to find their own creative voice.

When I interviewed Carol I hadn’t seen the musical – it was opening near us that night, so I was intrigued to hear from the author how it came about. Now I am glad I hadn’t seen it at that point, which sounds at odds with someone taking part in something that should be well researched, but I am glad because I think I would have fan-girled all over the place. A delight that the hard core fans whose regard can be the hard critic are equally enthusiastic about its depth, and theatre and literary buffs too as a piece of well crafted work. The humour and sadness in it were the human story of so many of us, playing Kay, Steve’s mother, Carol brought that delight and touching despair that cloaks every fear and joy in mothers. The whole cast was perfectly chosen every part and it seemed to intrinsically capsulate a time when an explosion and exploitation was taking over youthful optimism and music became an epidemic instead of a Sunday gramophone record in dusty front rooms. The juxtaposition of the threatening impresario demeanour and the comedy and truth of family were in perfect relief, side by side. Like a great telling of a classic well loved story it was hard to see the end chapters even though we knew the inevitable conclusion. Not long before he died I met Steve Marriott, he was playing a local gig in Woking and people queued up to meet him; he was affable but I shyly hid behind the door and looked around it, he encouraged me to come and talk but I was still too shy, not old enough to know any questions to ask just loving the music and cheeky regard and not needing a name on a piece of paper to make that any more true. Now I would have a million questions so, here, I was allowed to breath the space that the Small Faces gave me growing up and ask questions of someone similarly inspired, but who had so much more dimension by producing this piece of work. It is nice to interview someone whose work you admire but so much more satisfying to have a conversation with someone who has alot to say, has a common love and respect for the subject of their work and the inner fire that drives curiosity and follows a flow of life – a testament to lifelong learning and seeing through learning and teaching how others can be guided to unfold a unique story too.

A delightful guest, an inspiration to others, not only those who love the work and music of the Small Faces but if anyone has a belief in a concept that they want to see happen, to stand by it like a friend or cling on to it like driftwood too; sometimes these things keep your head above water, and find that along the way they will meet like minds and open hearts. That, after all, is what the Fiery Bird Show is all about.

Show Tracklist

Pearl’s Cafe – The Specials 

The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum – Fun Boy Three

Breaking Down The Walls of Heartache – Dexy’s Midnight Runners version

All Or Nothing – The Small Faces

Itchycoo Park – The Small Faces

Tin Soldier – The Small Faces

Wheels On Fire – Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger & The Trinity

Three Little Birds – Bob Marley

Madness – Madness

Change Gonna Come – Sam Cook

Babylon’s Burning – The Ruts

One Love – Bob Marley

The Snake Al Wilson

Won’t Get Fooled Again – The Who

Give Me Just a Little More Time – Chairman of The Board

New England – Kirsty MacColl

Let Me Down Easy – Betty LaFayette

Woke Up This Morning – Alabama3

96 Tears – ? and The Mysterions

Monster – The Automatic

My Way – Frank Sinatra


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