You think you’re chosen, because you are
You think its hard, because it is
You think you see the horizon, you do
You see, you know, because it’s true

How those doubts they throw at you
don’t have to stay and grow with you
How their faith so lacked and worn
doesn’t stop your purpose born

And, at the moment the only action
Is don’t give in to their reaction
Just stand firm, and hold your faith
Fire burns stronger in solid grate

Eyes, will focus from a steady gaze
informed by love and wasted days
on dreams conceived in their night
where souls will rise and take their flight

What heart knows, will come to pass
and those who doubt will see at last
that what was given can’t be squandered
by waiting while they still wondered

and waiting for approval from
the swine who trample silk anon
and making wait divine choice
in favour of their carping noise
will wait no more from famine foil
and last beyond your mortal coil.
Take my sword, cut ties that choke
throw off that heavy, man made, yoke
Your time to act is here, and now
take heart and hand to steady plough
Give yourself, immersed to task
for which you were born, and which we ask
you embrace with pure delight
we’ll see you dance in purest light
we’ll see you laugh again with glee
and see your soul soaring free
and matched again with your true mate
where last you left at heaven’s gate
Our message we want passed along
is each match their soul to their own song
only authenticity,

opens love of high degree

Only truth, real truth, faith
makes the path to divine gate
Its open now for all to see
that choose to look, no search they need
Its all there and they that close
will hold their heart in cheap repose
when joy is at their fingertips
and words of love spill from their lips
We wait no more and come ye will
We’ll give our love our strength until
your purpose found you do fulfil
because fired by gods, you are, still


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