I Don’t Need

Apparently, seeing pictures of celebrities
has a harmful effect on me
it’s their beauty you see, and skin
I thought injustice more heinous a sin

I should dismay at high beauty standards?
and not erosions of rights for granted
an article about make up used the word condemned
no mention persecution of a global friend

Women,  we in a double bind
speak the truth speak as we find
ignore the fecking daily mail
whose fascist past will never pale

Fashion takes a stronger hold
than the brave and the good, noble and old
Striving away with no grants
while catwalk spits out food bank gaunt

Measure my brain and activity bared
you show me pictures of bikinis there
that I can’t compete, though I didn’t care
mosquito nets save lives I’d rather share

A rule, they say, that you break at your peril
then glittering eyes indicate feral
my bile that spits on your shallow wiles
burns the truth that your rag defiles

I’ve discarded all the golden rules
I don’t have to spray tan there’s shit to do
I know no pain no gain is the mantra
Pay your tax so we can all catch up

I don’t need to read it’s OK or Hello
to find out the facts that I need to know
I don’t need to see inside a house
that could fit 20 families who go without

I need you to count your money in heartbeats
I need you to look at the sleeping streets
I need you to see the spark in the eyes
of the child needing medicine not wanting to die

I need you to see the pain in the man
who found out the care home were mistreating his nan
I need you to see the woman who made
a sacrifice of sanity because of no legal aid

When you wipe that facade of make up and skin
let your sobs out and other people in
you might find real people are more,
than HELLO?, not OK about another bloody war

TAKE A BREAK why don’t you


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