The Birds’ Song

I saw rows of people in suits

And the solemn silence

I saw a bowed head

And more than a hundred bowed heads

And then I heard a voice that sang a song of human triumph

From days when Emporers believed they could despatch a swathe to their behest and told

No More

And sang again today

One voice and then others joined in layer upon layer of unique humanity

Singing like canaries making sense of the dark. like nightingales and swans as they hold it away

Brave little birds in their plumage of black and grey, brave, hearts.

Funny you don’t think of suits as brave armour do you?

Even, if they cover hearts as vivid red and pumping hard as a Shoalin, Ninja, Braveheart, Viking, Pirate

The lives, and souls, that made their way last night

Torn from their happy bodies

Throbbed in sadness at the leaving.

Last Sunday, Last Wednesday, people bowed heads for a world at war past now and limping through

And in our town we opened a peace garden fashioned from a war graveyard

What better place to make peace, to realise the futility, as the trees continue to grow to the sky and the clouds move across the moon

And peace, discussed on the only day we use the word ‘Lest’ and people gossip and headlines dissect who bowed the lowest on our measurement of credibility of what a good human is

And people in bedrooms plan and make curious justification of their twisted world view – silly person like a playgroup biter grown bitter

The ongoing senseless sacrifice of good people for a forgotten cause

I don’t like your flares your skinnies your nose your eyes your religion your humanity


And we seem to have forgotten why Europe exists at all

In all the banter about imperial and metric and a bluff bloke lifting  pint and berating Johnny foreigner with puffed up outrage at being ruled by the Tsars of Brussels

We forget that this alliance was made

From the pain and bravery of people who lived it through and never wanted to allow extremism to get hold again

The family, irritated as it is with it’s own members and their ways, forgot that it was a family for a while,

Believe the same, stand the same and hurt when our family does

And in the darkness as before and as will be again, will sing one voice and then another

The layer upon layer of unique humanity

Singing a song of the triumph of the heart

Brave little birds

Make one strong flock


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