It Used To Be Called Love

I think that one day, what we call good will be the norm

Actually, I think it is the norm

And I wish for only good for those good people and enlightenment for those who harm

And what harm is there in that?

Next week, we will ponder an appropriate day to change our profiles back

And we will get on with the business of living, unhindered

Which is just as it should be, we know people will mourn as we would, and as we will for our own tragedies

maybe just as senseless, maybe brave or maybe the natural shuffle off the natural coil of life

All the people, all the time we are aware of how fragile life is

And all the parents will clutch a phone and wonder how their adult children can’t realise they need to know they are ok

Such a crime, these days it’s called being needy, unnecessary

It used to be called love


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